Thursday, March 5, 2009

lovely, lovely, rain

It's a cozy, rainy day in Melbourne and it's lovely. This weekend I am heading to market this Saturday in Yarraville with a table load of our handmade photos and goodies. So if you feel like an outing, the Yarraville Market has changed slightly since it's first one in December. This time it's all about handmade and Australia. Which is good if you ask me, as last time there were some questionable items that resembled little dresses and coats, on stands filled with fake smelly stuff for $2. Not quite my cup of tea and all I can think is how anyone can be making money from that.
In other news we received our copy of Cookie Magazine during the week with our house and us in it. It's weird seeing yourself in a magazine and then reading the article. I was going to scan it but then realised it's now up on their website if you want to take a peek. PS: it's never looked that tidy again.


Anonymous said...

yes i felt exactly the same way about some
of the products last time -thats why it was time
to get tough ( which is not easy for me-but
ive done it!) see you satdy !!

Anonymous said...

I've just found our blog & website, and i really like what you've done with these vintage stuff ! It's really really nice.
I'll come back again.
Olivia (from France & vintage addict)

lili scratchy said...

thank's for your visit!!
to buy my piece it's not easy,easy for the moment...
except if you go in Paris ?
Soon we will put the price of the piece we have in stock!!!