Friday, November 20, 2009

random home photo

I have been meaning to do a blogpost for about 10 days now but figured I'd only be whinging about the hot November weather, the fact that Arthur and I have colds and that Arthur is having grommets put in and adenoids taken out in the very near future. See not very exciting, no wondrous tales of second hand finds or fancy photographs to share. See I told you I would whine, but I am working on some new ideas and a fun project too - I just can't share that stuff as yet.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

we're back again

the shop is now open again and I have spent the day re-arranging (more about that soon) and getting back to shop life, including photographing some new (old) things to put online. Which may or may not happen today. Tomorrow is a day in the shop dedicated to breathing some new life into the online shop and perhaps a foray into ebay... we have some things that really don't suit the shop but like most people don't want to just give away. But I do have 3 bags of old clothes and stuff to donate to the op shop. It seems a spring cleaning be on me.