Sunday, September 30, 2007

library bag

Some of you may recognise this fabric from a post a few days ago....well while the house is sleeping I decided to make Arthur a library bag. My first attempt at lining/reversible anything....don't look too close at the stitching.
Shop life is good. Thanks to all who came to the opening celebrations, and people wandering by.

Friday, September 28, 2007

shop talk

A story about Donald..... he's originally from the carousel at the Melbourne zoo circa 1950-60's. He's our shop duck. We bought him with the base (although the two were not fitted together). So we had them welded, gave him a clear varnish so he wouldn't flake no more and put him to work in the window. Plugged him in (Nick used to be an electrician) put Arthur on top and away we went. Although Donald wasn't so smooth, he was like a wild bucking bronco; he headbutted Arthur, there were tears and much "I don't like it". So the cord was cut and now he sits still. What with children and public liability. Geez.
Last pic is a sample of Thelma's stuffies which arrived today. So very ace. I'm not going to link this one. (is that mean and not allowed in blog land?) I think you need to come to the shop and look for youself and buy one. ha ha.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

open for business

First up a big thankyou to my sister who was our first (buying) customer and for bringing me lunch. Yay. So we opened yesterday, thanks to shannon for also popping in. We had quite a few locals on their way to and from work/home/the shops, pop in and say lovely things. All good. Gearing up for tonights opening fiesta ... I am a little worried about the weather - severe wind warning. hmmm as long as she don't rain I say, as I have a feeling things may be spilling onto the footpath.
I love mail, yesterday saw kara smith's (link coming) handbags arrive. Oh so lovely. Created with vintage fabric and buttons. I actually had to buy one myself. Other photo is of some super cute fabric from good ole ebay usa. It's always such a fluke to find things in there as there's so much stuff to try and sort through. I'm thinking cushions or library bags... although I can't imagine cutting into such ace fabric.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

one more sleep

I can hardly believe that we will be opening our doors tomorrow. Yay, years of hoarding, collecting, dust catching may all be worth it. A story about the pigeon holes in our shop. They were once oregon beams holding up a ceiling. We saved them from the wood heap, overloaded a trailer to a friends warehouse for six months. They renovated so we packed them up (not an easy feat) and drove them to our old house in the burbs where they lived down the side for 18 months. Time to move again, jacknifing a trailer in the process, travelling 40km an hour to the shop front, where they sat for a while longer, before going to the sawmill for milling. Pick up again and take to a talented man/friend/carpenter and hey presto pigeon holes. Then Nick and I added a bit of snazz, tongue oil and board game backing. Phew. There was much wailing, splinters, gnashing of teeth and what are we lugging this around for (by me), but I'm glad we did.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh Dear

So much to do, so little time... Arthur has yet another lergy, it seems he doesn't even get a chance to fully recover from one before another launches it's attack. 4 to 5 week rotation it seems....So what does that have to do with my biscuit photo.? I am eating apallingly. I recall a recent post by aunty cookie about fairy bread consumption, well biscuits are outlawed in our house. If they're around I eat them, if they're not... well I can't. These rascals found their way into our home during the week. Bad. So I photographed them to make myself feel better. They're in the house now for artistic purposes!! I actually like the little differences of 100's and 1000's and patterns. Found a great cookie jar today for $5, couldn't believe it. I collect them, which is pretty funny now that I am writing, seeing as we don't usually have biscuits in our house.

Friday, September 21, 2007

shameless promotion

What a week it's been, more super ace items arriving, more interruption disruption and lack of sleep and shameless publicity. We were interviewed by a journalist from the age last friday and this morning a photographer came and took some photos of the shop and us folk at Arthur's Circus. You will be pleased to note that I wore one of betty jo's lino brooches, a hair clip and knitting needle bracelet by liana kabel and Arthur held one of Leah's nongs....smooth or what. So look out for us in Sunday week's M supplement. (Or don't because it could be kinda emabarrassing.) Five more sleeps.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

I love mail

Yesterdays trip to Camberwell Market was not in vain. Would anyone else out there agree, that it's not as good as it used to be. Maybe there's more people into the same aesthetic, maybe there's getting to be less good stuff around, maybe there's a change in stall holders and what they sell (I noticed cheap knock off perfume and new plastic crap). We've found that we're lucky to leave with 3 good things. One of the good things yesterday was this set of mix and match cards. How ace are they. I want to keep them, but I have other snazzy uses for them up my sleeve.
Today was a great mail day. I received some great fabric from reprodepot, these fantastic hand bound journals made from vintage bingo cards from Kelly which we will be selling instore and the best was an ebay usa parcel gone awol. A long story but they were accidently sent to our old address which is now a building site. Many phone calls and visits to the post office and many pleas to outer space...Yeah 7, I repeat 7 very cute and all different vintage planters arrived unbroken. (A minor miracle when it comes to receiving breakables in the mail.)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

sock monkees

I received this original 'how to make sock toys' book, edition 1958, plus 3 pairs of vintage socks recently from the usa.... and being inspired by the lovely handmade toys that I have seen recently I decided to have some fun myself. Arthur snoozed for the entire process (including the photography of). I'm yet to give it to him. I must say how ace it is to see your little character come to life with it's crooked smile and wonky ears. Now I might be able to do something with all those unmatching socks we have lying around.

Friday, September 14, 2007

there's some talented people out there

Stock is now arriving at the's very exciting to start placing all the cool stuff instore that I have only spied on the internet. So far all living beyond my expectations. The plushies are by local lady aunty cookie sitting in an old milk bottle container recently collected by Nick (my partner in crime). It's also very nice meeting all you talented ladies (gents step up) out there. Tomorrow or the next day I'll introduce a few more.

And these fantastic 'nongs' by hyena in petticoats
there are more in store but we don't want to give it all away.
Other exciting news is that we were interviewed by the age today.... a little scary and weird as we didn't really know what to say or expect. A comment about how Nick and I met and a mutual love of second-hand / side of the road type stuff became 'united by junk'. Or words to that affect. Shall be interesting how (dorky?) we sound.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

love / hate relationship

This is one of the things I love in my kitchen. I bought it recently and have yet to hang it properly... it's so cute and goes well with my cookie jar collection. But the hate and bain of my existence is our kitchen floor.

It is inspired by big al's toy barn in toy story. (I actually paused the dvd, photographed the tv and copied the pattern somewhat to have in the kitchen and attached living area.) Never, I repeat never choose white/cream linoleum. Especially in a kitchen or house with 2 dogs and a toddler. How did the women of the 50's ever do it? So I thought that I'd buy this....

It hasn't helped, so the last resort was a steam mop, all working okay until the handle snapped and of course I can't find my receipt, so this morning was spent on my hands and knees with the steam mop and its' now 20cm long handle....
Good news though 2 weeks until we open and we are continuing to find some very talented people out there making loads of cool stuff.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Introducing Arthur

Aaaah procrastination. Cleaning needs to be done....roast needing preparation....walls needing sanding and painting.... let's blog.
So this is Arthur (our shop namesake and our beloved son.)
I volunteered at his childcare centre to do some fundraising photography. Not really thinking at the time. 2 and a bit weeks before our shop opens I am needing to photograph approx 50+ children, babies and toddlers and organise prints. What was I thinking?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

sneaky peek

It doesn't rain and then it pours (although I do wish it would rain).... Arthur's got whatever lergy is about at the moment which means that I have it too. I went to the Craft Vic seminar last Friday and met up with Three Buttons. Whilst sitting there listening to their advice on how to get your 'product' out there (amongst other things), my mind was racing of all the things I should be doing instead of sitting on my butt and eating very tasty peter rowland hedgehog, caramel and lemon slices (during morning tea)....So I decided to leave at the lunch break. In a stroke of grand timing I switched my phone back on to receive a call from belle magazine who were interested in some photos of the shop. Yeah... but we haven't set the shop up yet my mind raced...saying not a problem we can do it over the weekend. So we did! And here is one of the pics.
But we don't want to give too much away, because suprises are nice. I'm rambling...apologies but I do have the lergy. Hope all the dads had a good Sunday.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

saucy but quite ok

we came across the weldon's fancy dress guide for ladies and all you crafty ladies (and gents) next time you need a fancy dress "for carnival, gala & pageant" look no further than popping in to arthur's circus to peruse our guide. saucy but quite ok is definitely our favourite.