Wednesday, September 29, 2010

spilling the beans

The real reason for our internet (and shop) hiatus was for a 5 week holiday to London and France. I'm none to keen on divulging much personal stuff on the internet but figure now that the trip is in the past I can spill the beans and also share a few of the vintage goodies we bought for ourselves whilst away...

Arthur was seriously addicted to orangina.

We lucked upon an amazing flea market in a small town square and it was so good, people very friendly and cheap. Double sided board game and roly toy for my wee collection.

Great old keyrings and absolutely ace old rubber stamps. We seriously could have bought so much more from here, tho' I think there are a few more treasures I've yet to photograph....and speaking of photographs I've over 2500 digital pics to wade through and am yet to develop 8 rolls of film from my hasselblad. We're still recovering from the flight so we'll hopefully get back to shop life once Arthur's back at school.