Monday, May 30, 2011

vintage market

This weekend sees the Ashburton Scout Hall transformed into a vintage market place. Tamarah has hand picked some fine connoisseurs of all things vintage and they will be selling some of their wares. We're not involved in this one but I hope to pop by and take a peek. Although sometimes it's easier to not go and be tempted.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

this is my Nan

This is dedicated to my Nana, who passed away last Friday aged 96...My Nana taught me how to sew and how to knit. Although I never really progressed to zips or knitting anything other than scarves. She was a seamstress and originally worked at Myer in the city. When visiting we would always be treated to a slice or cake she had baked. A few days ago when I was going through old slides, you can imagine my joy at finding this one. The kitchen was never this colour when I was growing up. How wonderful it is and I would be more than happy with my kitchen looking like this today.

beci's mobiles

I recently photographed some of Beci Orpin's super colourful and sweet paper mobiles. They are now available at her online shoppe. And you can see more of Beci's loveliness on her blog.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

alain gree

Nick's all time favourite book from his childhood is "the House that Beebo built" by Phillipe Fix, Janine Ast and Alain Gree..and I had been trying for 2 or so years to find a copy for him to share with Arthur. As I found out this book is very rare and very expensive (so if you have a copy look after it). But one day on my internet searchings, I came across the wonderful illustration work of Alain Gree. He is very well known in France. So this led me to getting a few items featuring his illustrations in the shop. And I have finally added them online. The tattoos were popular at the recent Magnolia Square - they make a nice change to usual ugly ones. Oh and yes I did eventually find Nick a copy and I didn't pay $955 but about $80.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I think I need to go to rehab

If only there was a vintage anon. meeting to go to... this morning we were up early and headed to Camberwell Market (on the way to somewhere else of course) and how could I pass these up. Yes it's true Arthur is now 6, we don't have a baby (and are 99.9% unlikely to have one), I do not need any more squeaky toys, we now only have an online shop that I am very slack to add anything new to....need I go on. GULP. But so ace and cute and colourful and great for use as props in my photographic adventures.