Sunday, May 1, 2011

I think I need to go to rehab

If only there was a vintage anon. meeting to go to... this morning we were up early and headed to Camberwell Market (on the way to somewhere else of course) and how could I pass these up. Yes it's true Arthur is now 6, we don't have a baby (and are 99.9% unlikely to have one), I do not need any more squeaky toys, we now only have an online shop that I am very slack to add anything new to....need I go on. GULP. But so ace and cute and colourful and great for use as props in my photographic adventures.


Anna Maria said...

Oh they're adorable!

I would have bought them too :-)

We were going to head to Camberwell too this morning, but a little voice inside me said 'don't do it- stick to the budget!' I've GOT TO buy a new computer, and I can't go near Camberwell market without spending every penny I have on me. There's ALWAYS something wonderful, if you get there early enough.

I have that same urge to buy cute baby toys,
I've got them decorating the shelves of my studio, and far too many squeaker and rattle favourites marked on ETSY, it's a worry, but their chew-marked faces are just priceless!

I've got a five year old and no baby plans either.
Maybe there should be a rehab group for this...

Actually I still catch Ari playing with his squeaky toys, even though play station and super heroes are the big go around here now. XO

Frankie and Ray said...

I cannot believe you were up and about and shopping bright and early today! Lovely finds, never mind, they're a 'collection' you know.

Hosted Services said...

Oh lovely!

Virtual Dedicated Hosting said...

Awww! they are wonderful!