Friday, June 27, 2008

old school

Why oh why do I leave things to the last minute. I signed up for uppercase's old school exhibition ages ago. Have a peek at Janine's website and you're sure to recognise more than a few of the names participating. With the submission date looming, for the last 2 weeks I have been wracking my brain for something to photograph, also gathering bits and pieces to collage only to remember that I am truly crap at collage. Last night I even got the grey lead pencils out and started drawing something. I used to love drawing and was quite good at it, but lets just say I was a little rusty. So I kind of cheated. I started going through my piles and files of photos and ta-da, a little cropping and an old school diptych was created.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

blanket magazine

I finally got around to pinning up and photographing blanket magazine's blanket poster. One of my photos is hiding in the poster along with just a few other talented people's artwork. Blanket is a free online magazine supporting folk who create artwork, design, photography etc. They have recently launched an online shop where you'll find the above poster, alongside a few other bits and pieces. Blanket magazine supports independant and upcoming artists, so we need to support them. Head to their website where you can find out way more than I can be bothered typing. (I have a sick child and there's only so much unsupervised dvd watching that is allowed).

Friday, June 20, 2008

random shop photo

Yestrday morning I raced into the city to grab a copy of Frankie Magazine, as we are featured in their 'I love my shop' section. I've scanned a copy and put it up here, if you want to take a peek. Double page spread woo hoo, thankyou Frankie.
In relation to the pick-up sticks photo, we were contacted today by someone who asked if we had any vintage wooden ones for sale. Oh yes we do, so I photographed them and emailed. So the point of this, is that if there is something you too are looking for, please ask as you never know, we may have it and I might just photograph it too. (I like photographing objects, especially vintage ones - I just need to find someone else to pay me to do it!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ssshhh...procrastinator at work

ho de hum.....twiddling of thumbs. So I have a little Arthur free / non shop time up my sleeve and I can't sit still. Earlier this morning I had a quick peek at a few blogs and Miss Angela is the organiser of the 'this is...' which led me to take a peek at Allison's creative space. It looked pretty good and organised. Huzzah (I watch too many cartoons with Arthur), that's what I'll do, tidy and organise my study/office. More twiddling of thumbs, making of coffee, hmmm maybe I'll photograph it first and then get into tidy mode....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

puppy lotto

I have made these wee gift tags today. Now don't get cross, the lotto set was incomplete, (which was a shame) but I knew I could figure out something to do with them cute puppies. So I have put together sets of four tags that are now for sale at our bigcartel shop. Oh I have put aside 2 daschunds, for two Melbourne girls (boobook and onegirl) that have wee sausage dogs of their own. Now I just have to figure out how to get them to them.

Friday, June 13, 2008

behind the curtain...

This is what the back the shop looks like. It's trying to be organised, but sadly it's not. We found the great cabinet recently (made of Kauri pine) for a bit of a bargain, so Nick is in the process of painting her up. Meanwhile I'm annoying him by using it to place shop-related items on, (to get a feel for the look and style of the space for when we expand) yet he still needs to finish painting it. The point to all of this is that we have registered ourselves to be part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival this year. We're planning an exhibition called 'a game for everyone' and yep you guessed it, it's curated by us and will be all about old games and toys. I'll be writing more once it gets closer to the time. So now we have a cut-off to get the back half done. It will also be the time to celebrate our first year in business. So we've got lots of work to do.
Oh on another note, we've got a 7 piece couch / lounge suite for sale. It's a Tessa T8, if anyone is interested. Lookey here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

we're back...

Phew, I had never thought about how reliant we've all become on email and websites. It made for some what of a freak out kind of day yesterday. Lucky that my friend (who organised our website) was in a port somewhere in Europe and had wireless internet coverage for 2 days and found my pleas of help so quickly. So yay is back and likewise my emails.
To celebrate I took Arthur to the zoo this morning, as yesterday probably wasn't one of my greatest (in coping with a small child, running own business etc) days. I obviously should have been paying more attention to this here poster. (sorry, the image may have been here before.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

where have we gone?

Okay, this is a little confusing, but our website/email has disappeared. We've turned into some strange uk, dublin hotel site. So please bare with us while we try and get our domain back from those sneaky people. I really don't understand and this is why the internet can be a little scary.

*update isn't as sneaky as I thought. The friend who organised our website is overseas and I haven't been forwarded our account, so basically I haven't paid. Duh!!! Apparently registers utilise a little ad paying revenue whilst domains are in limbo. However speaking to other friends who have a computer business, they said that if our site was stolen, well they know how to steal it back. So I go back to my thought that the internet is a little frightening for common folk such as myself, and there are super talented computer folk who know loads.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

winners are grinners....

Okay so the picture doesn't relate to this post, but one must always provide a little eye candy. And these ones I like alot. One of my many collections are old children's game/playing cards. These are actually from Germany. How you play, I don't really know. If only I paid more attention in my year 11 German class. Instead of being told by Frau Feikema...."It would be best if you didn't continue in this class into year 12". Although I do remember the German words for 'you are an apron string sucker'. Which I'm sure won't get me too far. But the illustrations are great.
So without further delay, the winner of our wee giveaway is number 17. Which is perempuan. I was tempted to cheat, but I asked a friend to pick a number whilst she was helping out in the shop today. So please email me your details and it will be on it's merry way. Oh and if you would like a closer view at the above, head to our flickr site.