Wednesday, December 26, 2007

selling a little online

We have just set up a side blog to sell a few things online and to see where it takes us. Because we all need to buy more the day after Christmas....... I cannot believe that Myer et al were opening their doors at 7am this morning, madness. Hope everyone had a great day yesterday. We did.

Monday, December 24, 2007

one more sleep.

I was going to create a fancy festive photo for this post, but I've misplaced my camera charger, so this pic of santa will have to do. He's from my Nana's collection of Christmas ornaments and has sat under her tree ever since I was little, so it was only fair that I rescued it from her house before the op shop was called in. She's now living in a nursing home, so there's only so much from one house you can squeeze into a single room. Phew this post could get a little depressing if I let it... so instead it's one more sleep peoples. This year is lots of fun as Arthur now knows who Santa is and the fact that he's putting his dummies (retainers - for any American folk out there) on a plate for Santa to exchange into presents.We asked Arthur if he wanted one big present or lots of little presents from Santa, his response lots of big do they know? He's not even three yet.
So a happy and safe Christmas to all and may you eat lots, rub your belly and snooze afterwards. (Without feeling ill).

Thursday, December 20, 2007

cookie jar love

I love cookie jars, so I collect them. They live all over our house, mainly in the kitchen. But they're practical little things. We use them in the bathroom to hold tooth brushes and cotton wool balls; in my sewing/study/mess room for pencils and little bits.
At the moment none of them contain a single cookie. I started with two jars that belonged to my mum, then quite a few years ago I was at the Brisbane Gallery / Museum and saw a display of cookie jars that Andy Warhol had collected, so I decided to start collecting too. When I first discovered ebay, I went a little crazy and bought a few that I now regret, so I'm refining which ones I buy. And also people don't package breakables very well as a few haven't survived the post, which makes me a little sad.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

oh so tired....

Last night we had Arthur's end of year childcare concert, you know the one where you think your child is the most cute, clever, funny etc child performing on stage. (probably because you're only watching them and ignoring all the other kids whilst you photograph and handycam them.)
Anyways it was our first concert as such and yep Arthur was pretty cute... pity the night ended so badly, hence I am so tired. At about 10pm Arthur crawled out of bed and came and sat on my lap as I watched a little tv and then proceeded to projectile vomit all over me and the couch. Lets just say that 4 sets of sheets, 8 towels and numerous nappies later we finally got a little sleep at 5.30 this morning. So as I sit in the shop and keep running upstairs to see him fast asleep this afternoon, I would really like to be snuggled up beside him in bed.
On a brighter note this sweet roly poly doll finally got some new buttons today and is in our shop window. I am slowly trying to wade through boxes of "stuff" that need a little tlc or cleaning before hitting the shop or our house. There is a definite no mans land lurking behind our shop curtains. I think I may spend the afternoon photographing a few things for our flickr site on this rainy ole Melbourne afternoon.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

and the winner is.....

Leslie Congratulations please email me your address.... I promise I didn't cheat, I shuffled the bucket, closed my eyes. Arthur couldn't be trusted to pick just one out. Neither could I for that matter because I did 2 runners up, trying to get an overseas entrant... So we've ended up with a local, an interstater and an overseaser. Not bad huh.... So the other 2 lucky people are hyena-in-petticoats and royaloaker I am picking out a little something that will hopefully suit. So please let me know where to send.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Arthur's Great Christmas Giveaway

As it seems to be the Christmassy thing to do, we at Arthur's Circus are having our first ever gift giveaway to all you bloggers/lurkers out there. You will be relieved to know that, no it's not the gingerbread men that Arthur and I made this morning. (As we don't want to be responsible for breaking any teeth.) Let's just say that I am not the greatest of bakers.... As there seems to be a bit of interest in the delightful products of Shinzi Katoh there will be a lunch box of his up for grabs alongside a few handmade and vintage trinket / toy type things. So I am guessing you know how to participate, please leave us a comment and Arthur will draw a name out of a hat and that person will win. You can be local, interstate or overseas we will send. I'll aim to photograph the gift and add to this post by the end of the day...Here Tis.....

Friday, December 7, 2007

now open sundays

We have changed our shop hours this we are now open Thursday to Sunday, 11am to 6pm. If those hours don't suit you can email or phone us and arrange a time to have a peep through. We had fun last night at the meet me at mikes shopping night. It's always nice to meet people that you read about on a regular basis. Arthur had fun playing with the 'mikes' kids, so much so, that this morning he was in tears as he wanted to play with "the new boys from the party".
The other day Arthur and I made the cut and paste pictures. He told me what colours to cut and who they were to be. I think that they're kind of cute, so I may make them into cards. We'll see.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

shinzi katoh love

We received our order from Shinzi Katoh yesterday and oooh how cute and ace is their stuff ? I am wishing we ordered more. As there is so much to choose from, we have quite a few different items but very limited amounts of each. So me thinks if you want any for yourself or for family and friends you may need to come by our shop very soon, as it's already selling like hotcakes.

Monday, December 3, 2007

ready for chrissents

This is our third celebration of Christmas with Arthur....and his third pose with santa antennas for our Christmas card. I wonder at what age he'll tell me to *%$##* off mum. He cant quite say christmas as it's a bit hard to wrap his tongue around, so in true child wonder he seems to have joined the words Christmas and presents together, hence Chrissents.
The old boxes and suitcases have been pulled out to start decorating the shop and our tree at home. So if you've wandered past the shop over the last two days, the blinds have been down awaiting the great unveiling (and finishing). Don't get too excited as it hardly rivals the Myer Chrissents windows. Speaking of the Myer windows, what do other people think of them? Oh and the Santas in the photo came from my Nana.