Monday, October 11, 2010

flea market goodness

We posted a small box of stuff back home and it arrived today... great vintage fabric, I'm still deciding what to make / do with these, unfortunately I don't think Nick would go for the pink animals as a living room curtain and an old tin sign, which is now living in our bathroom.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

photo of photos

I'm still sorting through photos of the digital kind, I wish I wasn't so fussy. In the past I'd take my film and get it developed and not umm and aah over which to get printed, how much photoshop is required on each photo, blah wonder I have a computer filled with images and not one photo album since 2006. (sorry Arthur)... I miss film and am glad I lugged my trusty old hasselblad and film away with me. If all else fails at least I have these photos printed.... in other news we will be heading to the shop next week and tackling the mess in order to re-open by Thursday I think.