Friday, July 17, 2009

kit cat clocks

our shipment of kit cat clocks has finally arrived and they are very ace. We have only 2 versions of the clocks at this stage - being the black and red 75th anniversary ones (as seen in the pics.) Now I just need to get to the shop to buy some batteries to see them tick tock in all their eye moving, tail wagging glory. Oh and I'm about to put on sale in the online shop too.

Friday, July 10, 2009

for your listening (and viewing) pleasure

I have uploaded a few photos from our trip up north to our flickr site. Just don't be expecting your usual touristy and family snaps, as you wont find them there. Whilst I was uploading and photoshopping I was listening to an album, by James Yuill. You should check his music out. I'm not good at musical descriptions so I won't try but here is a link to one on you tube. I have decided that now is the time to improve my feedback skills and linking to other people. I am hopeless at it. You should see how much feedback I have never left for ebay, etsy, comments on flickr etc. We receive many kind words, in person and via the web. So I actually emailed James Yuill, to tell him I liked his music and do you know what, he emailed back and said thankyou. So I would now like to thank everyone who visits us and leaves comments, we do appreciate it and may I also apologise to all the folk I've never feedbacked (except the ones who don't package things properly) and left nice comments on blogs I regularly read.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the big pineapple

Arthur and I snuck out of town, (while Nick manned the shop) on a wee break with my sister and her family. Hence the lack of Arthur's Circus internet ramblings. We stayed on the sunshine coast and of course had to visit the big pineapple. It has been a good 32 years since I was last there. It opened around 1971 I think and my sister and I went there as children, probably around the same age that our kids are. Nothing much has changed which is nice, but also highlights what was once a thriving tourist destination that the main motorway has now bypassed. No fancy amusement park rides here. A slow rickety pineapple express train and macadamia nut car is as good as it gets for thrills and spills. We loved it, although I was disappointed they didn't sell a giant pencil with a plastic pineapple on top anymore.