Friday, March 27, 2009

a bit puzzling

I try not to moan about things or get all personal on this here blog, but today I shall break that rule. I would love to know the rules about smoking in public out the front of buildings. I ask, as our next door neighbours, who have an office type thing smoke alot, and on sunny, lovely autumn days - such as today, it's nice to have the shop door open. A bit of (not so fresh) air wafts in. It's not like one smoker at a time, it's usually 3 or 4. It's seriously like smokers relay out there. I had an argument when we first opened the shop about cigarette butts etc, and I phoned the council and dobbed. So it seems there's nothing we can do. My retaliation is sending our dog out the front who loves to play / throw sticks and she does a pretty good job at constant harrassment.
Anyhoo that's my rant and in other hopefully more pleasant news there's a few new vintage puzzles / jigsaws in our online shop. Good to play with or framed for a wall looks great too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

flickr friends part 2

I've said it before but I love flickr. Whilst I've started a small amount of twittering, you can't beat flickr for whittling away time and finding some very cool stuff. And those cards above were sent to me as a suprise from a kind, vintage-lovin' flickr friend. So a big thankyou to tikiranch for the ace space cards, which I'll be framing and putting in Arthur's room. And take a peek at the cool stuff tikiranch collects, it's all mighty good.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I see red

It's almost time to shut the shop and pick up Arthur from childcare, so I'll be keeping this short. I've rearranged and dusted the shop today, and North Melbourne would have to be one of the dirtiest suburbs in Melbourne I reckon. Well it also doesn't help if you have a cat and a dog that lurk around too. I actually needed to get my printer serviced last week. I spoke to Epson on the phone and they thought that the ink pads may need replacing. Nope it seems our cat thought that her fur would do a better job at soaking up the excess ink and spreading it all over the rollers every time I attempted to print something. Thankyou Dezdamona (the cat) for an $80 printer service. Oh and a few new red things are in the online shop too.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

making things

Our making of things is perhaps not so snazzy as those by the sniffle co. Cute wooden brooches (not us) and spare the expense diamond ring badge set (yep us). Both are now online and available in store, because we sell other random goodness that's not just vintage inclined.

Friday, March 13, 2009

a bit more media

I have finally scanned and uploaded the cookie mag article to our flickr site. It's always nice to see page layouts I think. And if you have some time to kill we are interviewed over at the style collective.

artwork upload

Today I am trying to get around to uploading a few new pieces for the online shop. As you're probably aware, we like to create artwork from old bits and pieces. Such as these memory cards. My sister and I had the same set to play / cheat with at my Nana's house. It's actually my sister's birthday next week, she's only 11 months older than me - so for one month every year she's not allowed to boss me around. I often wonder how my Mum coped with us, in my moments of parenting dis-array. For her birthday I bought something (no peeking Mel) from this super talented person who creates such lovely artwork and has such a wonderful way with words on all three (yes three) of her blogs.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

lovely, lovely, rain

It's a cozy, rainy day in Melbourne and it's lovely. This weekend I am heading to market this Saturday in Yarraville with a table load of our handmade photos and goodies. So if you feel like an outing, the Yarraville Market has changed slightly since it's first one in December. This time it's all about handmade and Australia. Which is good if you ask me, as last time there were some questionable items that resembled little dresses and coats, on stands filled with fake smelly stuff for $2. Not quite my cup of tea and all I can think is how anyone can be making money from that.
In other news we received our copy of Cookie Magazine during the week with our house and us in it. It's weird seeing yourself in a magazine and then reading the article. I was going to scan it but then realised it's now up on their website if you want to take a peek. PS: it's never looked that tidy again.