Thursday, October 25, 2007

yee haw

For those not in Melbourne, spring racing carnival is on... not that I go or really care but I thought that I would do my first themed window (although I cheated and photographed it inside the shop - as who knows where my polarising filter is to take a half decent photo thru glass)... anyways I digress. Giddy up little fellas. Not that you would believe it from this display I actually used to work as a visual merchandiser. Yep studied it at tafe for 2 years, I even worked for Selfridges and Virgin megastore in London. Fancy huh!!
In relation to my previous post about biscuits, some sneaky little choc teddy bears made it into my trolley this morning. I do a super big shop once a month when we're down to one roll of loo paper and squeazing the bejesus out of the toothpaste. And those naughty teddies jumped right in. 2 down thanks to morning tea and a little shop boredom. Rainy day is Melbourne, so I am going to try and start a flickr site. Seems everyone else has one.

Monday, October 22, 2007

more walls please

I have just framed some lovely illustrations/prints from Julie Knoblock and they are now up on our shop walls. We are desperately running out of wall space and our need to expand for art's sake may take a giant leap forward. Plans were in place to extend the shop outback into our storage area early next year. But it now looks likely that in the next month we may be attempting this before Christmas is here...stay tuned.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

go to the top of the class

How ace is this board (or as nick says bored) game? They certainly don't make games like they used to... great graphics and such cute little heads. Anyone fancy a game?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

too much coffee

Does anyone else find that if they drink a little too much coffee, they get a little tense and wound up? I took Arthur to the library this morning for a children's reading session. We came home, had lunch, put him to bed, I had a coffee and now aaarrrgh... I feel very annoyed. I try to teach Arthur about good manners, waiting turns, the usual stuff and think back to the library when other kids jump up, push in, demand attention, get the good crayons, the ducky finger puppet. And Arthur turns and says I didn't get one. My 2.8 year old and 5 year olds push in front and grab things. Am I going to be an over-sensitive mum? Do you jump in and wrestle for things? hmmm what to do? On a brighter note I'm working on a series of photographs to frame and sell in the shop. Patterns and cars.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

keeping occupied

Some days are a little quiet in the shop, so I'm making things to whittle the time away. Making felt softies is good. Introducing Tomato & Lettuce, Vegemite & Cheese and Egg on Toast. There was a gingerbread man, but he's already gone to a new home.
Which is nice.

Monday, October 8, 2007

frisky and smutty

Whilst on a cleaning frenzy yesterday, I sorted through vintage/old children's books that I've been collecting for Arthur. And thought that I'd share this one. Imagine calling a book that today. I'm guessing it wouldn't be about two mischeivious kittens.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

spring cleaning

So I have finally scanned the article from last weekend's Age M Magazine. Apologies for the delay. Shop life and looking after a 2.8 year old, cleaning (very neglected), cooking, blah, blah all of you mothers out there know what I'm saying. I finally made it to the Vic Market on Friday, after 2 weeks of making do with what's in the cupboard and the occaisonal trip to get bits and pieces for that nights' meal. The only things that resembled vegies were a shrivelled red capsicum and greenery was care of mouldiness that was once leftovers hiding in the back of the fridge. (I hope my mother-in-law isn't reading this.)
Today was spent spring cleaning and re-arranging rooms. Much like a giant jigsaw puzzle and very satisfying once you can sit down and admire your work.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

scrap swap

I have finally gotten around to doing a post about the recent scrap swap. I received ella's fabulous scraps with a little circus stickers bonus and instantly felt ashamed of my jumbled mess of scraps that I had sent. It was my first time of being involved in any sort of swap.. So while the shop has it's quiet interludes I've set up my sewing machine and overlocker behind the scenes and am having a go at patch work. I have made this square so far and am thinking cushion, or perhaps a big shopping bag backed with denim. I'll let you know. I'm off to look at potential stock for the shop so I hope to scan the Age article when I get back again.

Monday, October 1, 2007

we would like to recommend

We were very excited to find ourselves listed on the editors choice page, in Inside Out magazine's latest-edition booklet, which we picked up today from the newsagent. The media attention and support has been overwhelming. It's amazing what can be achieved when creating a media release a little different from the rest. (well we like to think it was!) That's our planet lamp postcard and business card in the bottom left corner. For those not in Melbourne we were also featured in an article in yesterday's Age M supplement. I'll try to scan it later. So a big thankyou to all.