Thursday, January 31, 2008

our study / office / dumping ground

Here's a little peek into our office / study. It's where things go to live, before deciding whether we can part with them to sell or while they
wait to receive a little tlc and restoration before hitting the shop... Photography is great, it makes this space look organised. Sadly it's not. I'm a messy person, always have been. Ask my sister. We have more photos of our shop and our home at our flickr site. In case you're nosey and like looking into other peoples homes. I do, I love it....

Sunday, January 27, 2008

a little re-arranging

I've spent the last few days having a little tidy up, unearthing new items and placing them in-store. Also creating a little red- themed, valentines day table. I couldn't resist these great lucha wrestling style cards to celebrate the day from Yeehaw industries. I'm not one for hallmark cards and fluffy soft toys holding love hearts. Not that there's anything wrong with that if you're so inclined, you probably just won't find it at Arthur's Circus. Here you'll find Leah's nongs, Lark's romance coasters and other fun things.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

bigcartel bandwagon

Yep, that's right we've abandoned the side blog to sell online and jumped on board with bigcartel thanks to the suggestion of Pip. We are starting small and would really appreciate some feedback in order of the direction to head in regards to online selling.
Anyways, the two items above can be found in our shop. I've been raiding our old games cupboard and first up is a brooch made from vintage cuisenaire rods and presented on an old 'guessing game' card. The other is a set of three magnets made from domino pieces and presented on an old bingo / lotto game card. Go on, take a know you want to!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

playing catch-up

we will be opening our shop doors again tomorrow....well there may be a little juggling of time and child. we celebrated arthur's third birthday at the weekend and had a lovely time, eating way too much fairy bread and the like. I've posted a photo from our house, for no reason other than it seemed a while since I've blogged and it was taken just the other day. The notice board is a new addition. Found on the night of Mike's recent Fitzroy shopping night. It was one of those 'stop the car, Nick get out and manage to fit in our station wagon, whilst Arthur ducked and played cave' kind of moments. It's now in our living room with artwork by magic jelly, catherine campbell, cards, prints and calender by yee-haw industries, which we stock in-store and also chicken girl design. The cape was a present for Arthur and I will need to get the link from shannon as it's made here in Melbourne and available via etsy. And lastly the chairs are from a kindergarten and we will be selling a few of these vintage beauties in our shop over the coming weeks. Oh and a big thankyou to Abbey and Holly for recent posts about Arthur's Circus. Phew I think that will do.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

a tidy home

Last week we had a lovely couple from Germany visit our shop, thanks to an article in the latest Vogue Living magazine. As it turns out, they are a photographer and stylist and yesterday spent the day in our home photographing Arthur's world. We had a great time and it was really interesting to see how other people view and capture your home. I can't wait to see where the photos end up. The above photos were taken by me as I couldn't resist taking a few pics whilst our home was nice and tidy. I'm sure it won't last....

Friday, January 4, 2008

playing hookey

We've been playing hookey...away from the shop, away from the blog. I've been meaning to post and write a sign on our shop door, to say that we are open by appointment only for the month of January. We are trying to expand out back and it's a bit hard to remain open, plus we wanted a wee break as well and lots of play time with Arthur. As isn't what this period is for? The other pic is of my new sideboard. Nick picked up one of the side of the road a year or two ago that lives in our bedroom and I had wanted one for the tv etc, making do with the hardware bought steel shelves that are a pain to put together. And shazam my christmas present from Nick, new (old) sideboard. Yipee.