Friday, January 30, 2009

it could be worse...

If humpty fell off the wall here in Melbourne at the moment, then there'd be no doubt he'd surely be fried. In case you didn't know we're having somewhat of a heat wave here in Melbourne (and it's even hotter and going on longer over in Adelaide). Three days of 43 C or in Faranheit that's 109.4 This is day 3. Jeepers. I am apologising to the ozone / greenhouse as we have had 2 airconditioners blasting upstairs and it only brought the temp down to 32 C / 89.6 F during the hottest part of the day.
At least the shop is relatively cool and I shall hopefully get some new stock photographed and into the online shop. Last week we made it to the Fryerstown Antique fair. 6 frosty fruit icypoles and an armful of goodies later we were done and completely dusted. Arthur is beginning to quite like this gig of second hand finding. He gets to pick an item or two and was quite pleased with a few new golden books to add to his stash and a charlie brown book.

Friday, January 23, 2009

fancy a bit of tea?

shop update is done for this week. I think I need a reviving cup of tea and biscuit... there's a theme if you'd like to see.

a wee bit of news

Woo Hooo, we've just created a range of prints and cards that will be available from this February. Take a peek over here and see what we've been up to. We're currently organising the printing etc, so today Nick and Arthur are on a merry goose chase around the outer eastern suburbs sourcing envelopes, cello bags etc. All will be available through us online and in our shop, as well as at Lark and hopefully in other shops too. I'll be blogging when it is all systems go. Oh and there will be an online shop update today too.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

darn bigcartel

I couldn't let this week pass without making a new addition to our online shop. Seeing as I haven't managed a blog post all week and I only just dobbed on myself last week to add new items on a Thursday... Well it is past 10pm here in Melbourne, so I've just made it. But if you're on the other side of the world your day has just begun so I have plenty of time really. Unfortunately I had planned to upload four pictures to the shop but bigcartel won't let me for some reason. I've managed one, which is better than none. I'll try again, otherwise tomorrow it will be. I've archivally mounted some vintage picture book pages, which fit ye olde Ikea 30cm x 40cm ribba frame. It makes them more affordable and there's no chance of shattering glass in the mail. Which is nice.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

resolution of sorts

I have decided this year I will attempt (note the use of the word attempt) to make a regular shop update of items to our wee online store. I am thinking that each Thursday I'll add a few new items to keep everyone interested and have a photo or two here of what's coming up. Much like re-arranging and dusting the shelves. So keep your eyes peeled. Although not literally, as peeling eyes would be kind of yuk. Oh and the cards above will be online today. They are a vintage set from a supermarket in New Zealand called Four Square. I plan to frame a set or two as well as offer them unframed. It seems sad to separate a game of snap or go fish, but when the graphics are this great I think it's nice to spread the joy around. Also I'd have a no playing rule for these to avoid any more damage and then they'd just be sitting on a shelf out of view.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

hello 2009

Hello 2009. We had a rather quiet night and kept Arthur awake for the early fireworks at docklands. We drove to a sneaky viewing platform in West Melbourne where a few other people had a similar idea. All I can say is, who put those apartment buildings in the way?

And this photo is my favourite from Christmas day.... pirates of the jedi. Wishing everyone a safe and happy and healthy 2009.