Friday, January 30, 2009

it could be worse...

If humpty fell off the wall here in Melbourne at the moment, then there'd be no doubt he'd surely be fried. In case you didn't know we're having somewhat of a heat wave here in Melbourne (and it's even hotter and going on longer over in Adelaide). Three days of 43 C or in Faranheit that's 109.4 This is day 3. Jeepers. I am apologising to the ozone / greenhouse as we have had 2 airconditioners blasting upstairs and it only brought the temp down to 32 C / 89.6 F during the hottest part of the day.
At least the shop is relatively cool and I shall hopefully get some new stock photographed and into the online shop. Last week we made it to the Fryerstown Antique fair. 6 frosty fruit icypoles and an armful of goodies later we were done and completely dusted. Arthur is beginning to quite like this gig of second hand finding. He gets to pick an item or two and was quite pleased with a few new golden books to add to his stash and a charlie brown book.

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Anonymous said...

this is usually a great gig & dusted being the right word alright.