Thursday, January 8, 2009

resolution of sorts

I have decided this year I will attempt (note the use of the word attempt) to make a regular shop update of items to our wee online store. I am thinking that each Thursday I'll add a few new items to keep everyone interested and have a photo or two here of what's coming up. Much like re-arranging and dusting the shelves. So keep your eyes peeled. Although not literally, as peeling eyes would be kind of yuk. Oh and the cards above will be online today. They are a vintage set from a supermarket in New Zealand called Four Square. I plan to frame a set or two as well as offer them unframed. It seems sad to separate a game of snap or go fish, but when the graphics are this great I think it's nice to spread the joy around. Also I'd have a no playing rule for these to avoid any more damage and then they'd just be sitting on a shelf out of view.


Unknown said...

sounds great! look forward to the updates

Niella said...

Vintage Four Square playing cards!! Fab:)

Being from NZ I *heart* Four Square, although there are only a handful still left:):)

thanks for sharing!!