Thursday, January 15, 2009

darn bigcartel

I couldn't let this week pass without making a new addition to our online shop. Seeing as I haven't managed a blog post all week and I only just dobbed on myself last week to add new items on a Thursday... Well it is past 10pm here in Melbourne, so I've just made it. But if you're on the other side of the world your day has just begun so I have plenty of time really. Unfortunately I had planned to upload four pictures to the shop but bigcartel won't let me for some reason. I've managed one, which is better than none. I'll try again, otherwise tomorrow it will be. I've archivally mounted some vintage picture book pages, which fit ye olde Ikea 30cm x 40cm ribba frame. It makes them more affordable and there's no chance of shattering glass in the mail. Which is nice.

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Sarah Jane said...

did I know you had a blog? Oh I am so glad!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your shop, and sorry for not letting you know earlier I posted your shop...planning a big birthday party today, and I kinda forgot:) Keep up the GREAT work!! Great to see you stop by:)