Friday, November 30, 2007

still a photographer

when I find the time I still work as a photographer. I usually wander around with my camera and take photos of whatever inspires me. Before Arthur I was doing it more often..annoying Nick with "stop the car" and taking photos.
Anyways last week I was commissioned to photograph a friend of a friend's new baby. I really enjoy photography (and photographing babies) and have been missing it recently, opening the shop and sitting it and then being inspired by all you crafty gals out there, got me sewing again but in the new year I think I need more photography in my life.
Saying that I am up for taking photographs as a job too. I've recently been approached by 2 customers who are after product shots for their websites. Yay. So if you like you can contact me too.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

come buy with me

The shop is stocked and ready to go for Christmas. We've added some new vintage-inspired items to the shop, (as not everyone loves a second hand gift), great retro-style toys from the French company Vilac. More artwork and photography - we've been framing up a storm and of course some very ace handmade items from talented local people and those from over the seas.
And there's still our favourite vintage finds. So come on in and have a rummage.

Friday, November 23, 2007

getting down with aunty cookie

The delightful Ms Cookie gave me some of her fabric scraps to have a play with. So today I have been a making bibs and bags (no photos as yet). She may take a few with her to the 3031 market yo! (That's Kensington for those not familiar with Melbourne's vast postcodes.) The market is on tomorrow right next door to voting on McCracken Street, Kensington from 10 - 4pm. So don't be shy, say hi and buy stuff from Shannon and Angela. Oh and throw eggs at any Johnny voters.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

new in store

First up are very ace gift tags by Anke Weckmann. (I have to get organised and add the appropriate links later). All hand screenprinted. We also have a range of her screenprinted post cards that I am going to frame and sell in-store. I'll post about them hopefully in the next week or so.
Next is a super cute pin cushion by kup kup, all the way from Spain. Found on etsy, I couldn't resist. I've never actually used a pin cushion before...but oh how much easier is it? So once it arrived I decided that I needed to sell some in our shop. So any day now we should have a few different designs to poke pins in.
It's a rainy ole day in Melbourne which is good. I was going to pick some rhubarb the other day to make an apple and rhubarb crumble but the sun and heat had made it whither a bit, so after a good drenching all should be edible again in the next day or so.

Friday, November 16, 2007

annuals are great

We snuck away to Tasmania after we closed the shop on Saturday night. It was Arthur's first time on an airplane, so of course we had the handycam and camera out...We stayed with friends just out of Hobart and as luck would have it there was a fairly decent flea market on the Sunday, not far from where we were staying. We bought Arthur a cute 50's wheelbarrow that he proudly pushed around with his drink in it. We also did the rounds of op and tip shops and managed to find some fine children's annuals and books. How fabulous are the graphics and illustrations? I love and collect these. I plan to frame some of the covers as they are so ace....but I don't want to cut them up either. We frame alot of things here at Arthur's Circus and use them to decorate our shop and house and also sell old board games, memory cards etc. When our families ask us what we did on our holiday and we reply "went to the tip" they shake their heads, but most of you out there understand....
A big thanks to blackie for the tassie shopping hints.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

cookie bag

Todays shop making....children's bags using the talented Aunty Cookie's iron on appliques, denim and various cotton for lining thanks to spotlight.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

come fly with me

I have been sitting in the shop for the day listening to Frank Sinatra and making things to pass away the time. I have some old and not so old stamps that were my Grandad's. After a quick check on ebay to make sure I wasn't cutting up mega expensive stamps I have been making magnets. (And also magnets made from vintage paper maps.)
My Grandad used to sing alot of Frank Sinatra while he washed the dishes after meals and whenever my sister and I would sleep over we would argue whose turn it was to dry the dishes. My Grandad passed away quite a few years ago now but my Nan is still kicking on at age 92.

Monday, November 5, 2007

magazine love

We have just sent a box load of goodies up to Home Beautiful magazine at their request for a photo shoot on children's bedrooms. Included was the gorgeous rabbit night light. Also snuck in a few non-vintage items made by Shannon and Thelmas stuffies so keep and eye out for it in the new year me thinks. We also have a little mention in the latest copy of Belle Magazine in their bazaar / new shops sections. I'll try and scan and post in the next day or two. Gotta be happy with that!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

etsy love

How ace is it to receive mail. We here at Arthur's Circus order a fair bit of things online, but this one was solely for me. I found Lori's fantastic work at etsy and whilst she doesn't sell to shops anymore (which we would've loved to stock) you can buy straight from her. Using a whole lot of found objects and bits and pieces to craft beautiful jewellery, clothing and more. Yay and thanks Lori I love it.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


We managed to sneak out of Melbourne for a few days and picked up a bit of vintage goodness along the way. Found some fabulous old children's books which I'll have to photograph or scan and add to our new flickr site. I'm quite slow at catching on to things and will hope to figure out how to add the flickr sidebar/photo thingy here someday soon. And also this cat ornament which you can now find in our shop (as well as other retro made in japan vase, egg cup, ornament things.)
We actually have a shop cat, Dezdamona or little dez. Our poor ole Fler lounge suite will never be the same again as she's furballing and using it as a scratch post. She also tarts it up in the window at night to people passing by when we're not around.