Wednesday, November 7, 2007

come fly with me

I have been sitting in the shop for the day listening to Frank Sinatra and making things to pass away the time. I have some old and not so old stamps that were my Grandad's. After a quick check on ebay to make sure I wasn't cutting up mega expensive stamps I have been making magnets. (And also magnets made from vintage paper maps.)
My Grandad used to sing alot of Frank Sinatra while he washed the dishes after meals and whenever my sister and I would sleep over we would argue whose turn it was to dry the dishes. My Grandad passed away quite a few years ago now but my Nan is still kicking on at age 92.


emma said...

So super cute, your blog. It's my first visit & I love it! Must come & visit the shop sometime soon.

blackie said...

what's the story behind your blog title? I just have to know because I once had an out of body experience in arthur's circus after kissing a fuzzy haired boy in a panel van. Maybe it was the wine...maybe it was just lurrrve

Bianca said...

Shannon (auntie cookie) told me about your shop &'s great...must visit the shop soon :)

Arthur's Circus said...

To emma and hollabee, thanks for popping by our/my blog and hope to meet in our real world shop sometime soon.
And to Blackie, Arthur's Circus is named after our son Arthur and is a bit of a play on words: Being our life is a circus (in the frenetic, chaotic, sometimes funny sense) and the circus (as in the one in Hobart or Picaddilly) being a convergence or meeting point/circle..etc . Hope that makes sense.