Monday, November 5, 2007

magazine love

We have just sent a box load of goodies up to Home Beautiful magazine at their request for a photo shoot on children's bedrooms. Included was the gorgeous rabbit night light. Also snuck in a few non-vintage items made by Shannon and Thelmas stuffies so keep and eye out for it in the new year me thinks. We also have a little mention in the latest copy of Belle Magazine in their bazaar / new shops sections. I'll try and scan and post in the next day or two. Gotta be happy with that!!


Rebecca said...

Oh I love that lamp! Can't wait to see the Home Beautiful shoot :)

leslie said...

greatest. light. ever.

congrats on all the great press, it's so well deserved : )

Gracia said...

Who wouldn't have the sweetest of dreams nodding off as a pink rabbit stood guard?

Great news about the Thelma's stuffies, too. In the latest crop there are stuffies with eye patches, gold charms and bandit style markings. I, deep down, desire not to part with any of my Mum's creations.

see you, g