Thursday, November 1, 2007


We managed to sneak out of Melbourne for a few days and picked up a bit of vintage goodness along the way. Found some fabulous old children's books which I'll have to photograph or scan and add to our new flickr site. I'm quite slow at catching on to things and will hope to figure out how to add the flickr sidebar/photo thingy here someday soon. And also this cat ornament which you can now find in our shop (as well as other retro made in japan vase, egg cup, ornament things.)
We actually have a shop cat, Dezdamona or little dez. Our poor ole Fler lounge suite will never be the same again as she's furballing and using it as a scratch post. She also tarts it up in the window at night to people passing by when we're not around.

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Stacey said...

Cute kitty! I remember my Mum had one like this that used to hang on the side of a brandy balloon. Not sure why....
Looks like my real life cat. Same self satisfied expression.