Thursday, October 15, 2009

tis the time of the year

to take a break.... it seems like this time last year one of us in the land of Arthur's Circus hit the wall - now it is my turn. To keep it short and not delve too much info, I have been struggling to balance the life, shop and mother load. This year Arthur has had a never ending supply of bugs and colds and ear infections.( We're now heading down the ENT path). So for the next 2 weeks I want to be hanging out with my little fella, looking after him and not running a shop.
Also thanks to everyone who came to see our Milkbar show. It was fun and encouraging to meet new people who share a love for nostalgia and 20 cent paddle pops...So we're open tomorrow and Saturday 11-5pm and then will be back the first week of November. Please call us if you're planning a visit from afar, we can arrange a time for you to visit whilst we take this time out.

Friday, October 9, 2009

catching bugs

unfortunately we've been catching bugs of the cold and flu kind, as opposed to the creepy crawlie ones....although maybe not so unfortunate after all. We do have a huntsman spider lurking upstairs, whom Arthur has named Tigger. Our last resident spider a few years ago was called perhaps I should get Arthur to set his bug catcher trap... Which is circa 1970's by the way and unused me thinks. We have a couple of these bug catchers and I'll be putting them online today.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a to the y to the z - an online guide

today I photographed some new things to add to the online shop, once I started a pattern emerged and the next thing it was the abc's. Most are yet to be added, I cheated a little as a few are already in the online shop. I only wish the alphabet consisted of 25 letters, though I'm not sure which letter I'd leave out.
UPDATE: all up and online here.