Thursday, March 19, 2009

I see red

It's almost time to shut the shop and pick up Arthur from childcare, so I'll be keeping this short. I've rearranged and dusted the shop today, and North Melbourne would have to be one of the dirtiest suburbs in Melbourne I reckon. Well it also doesn't help if you have a cat and a dog that lurk around too. I actually needed to get my printer serviced last week. I spoke to Epson on the phone and they thought that the ink pads may need replacing. Nope it seems our cat thought that her fur would do a better job at soaking up the excess ink and spreading it all over the rollers every time I attempted to print something. Thankyou Dezdamona (the cat) for an $80 printer service. Oh and a few new red things are in the online shop too.

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Shelley Trbuhovich said...

ooo, red - my favourite colour! was meant to comment a little while back in regards to the recent feature on your home, as well. i had a little look around and really enjoyed it. if nth melb is the dirtiest suburb in melb, i would vote fitzroy as the second!! i'm forever dusting our space.....shelley t