Thursday, March 26, 2009

flickr friends part 2

I've said it before but I love flickr. Whilst I've started a small amount of twittering, you can't beat flickr for whittling away time and finding some very cool stuff. And those cards above were sent to me as a suprise from a kind, vintage-lovin' flickr friend. So a big thankyou to tikiranch for the ace space cards, which I'll be framing and putting in Arthur's room. And take a peek at the cool stuff tikiranch collects, it's all mighty good.


Betty Jo said...

That's freaky, I just got a pile of these very cards from a swap with an Etsy gal who has HEAPS of swappies.
And put a robot brooch on one about 5 minutes ago. Hoping I can get some more.

Tania McCartney said...

I'm loving these! Just last weekend, I scanned some vintage swapcards I had as a girl in Tassie - must upload them soon. Very gorgeous and v v jealous!