Friday, March 27, 2009

a bit puzzling

I try not to moan about things or get all personal on this here blog, but today I shall break that rule. I would love to know the rules about smoking in public out the front of buildings. I ask, as our next door neighbours, who have an office type thing smoke alot, and on sunny, lovely autumn days - such as today, it's nice to have the shop door open. A bit of (not so fresh) air wafts in. It's not like one smoker at a time, it's usually 3 or 4. It's seriously like smokers relay out there. I had an argument when we first opened the shop about cigarette butts etc, and I phoned the council and dobbed. So it seems there's nothing we can do. My retaliation is sending our dog out the front who loves to play / throw sticks and she does a pretty good job at constant harrassment.
Anyhoo that's my rant and in other hopefully more pleasant news there's a few new vintage puzzles / jigsaws in our online shop. Good to play with or framed for a wall looks great too.


earl and cookie said...

what a bummer! but yep - with the new smoking laws i think you have to be more than 3m from all entry & exits of commercial buildings

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean - this morning, taking the kids to school there was a smoker in the car next to us and the smoke filled our car - boy that stuff stinks!