Saturday, September 15, 2007

sock monkees

I received this original 'how to make sock toys' book, edition 1958, plus 3 pairs of vintage socks recently from the usa.... and being inspired by the lovely handmade toys that I have seen recently I decided to have some fun myself. Arthur snoozed for the entire process (including the photography of). I'm yet to give it to him. I must say how ace it is to see your little character come to life with it's crooked smile and wonky ears. Now I might be able to do something with all those unmatching socks we have lying around.


Jacinta said...

Love the book - I just recently bought a book called Sock and Glove which is a (modern) Japanese take on the same theme. Have yet to make anything, but it is definitely on the agenda.

Thanks for popping by and saying hello.

Fine Little Day said...

Such a nice idea. Lovely character :)