Tuesday, September 4, 2007

sneaky peek

It doesn't rain and then it pours (although I do wish it would rain).... Arthur's got whatever lergy is about at the moment which means that I have it too. I went to the Craft Vic seminar last Friday and met up with Three Buttons. Whilst sitting there listening to their advice on how to get your 'product' out there (amongst other things), my mind was racing of all the things I should be doing instead of sitting on my butt and eating very tasty peter rowland hedgehog, caramel and lemon slices (during morning tea)....So I decided to leave at the lunch break. In a stroke of grand timing I switched my phone back on to receive a call from belle magazine who were interested in some photos of the shop. Yeah... but we haven't set the shop up yet my mind raced...saying not a problem we can do it over the weekend. So we did! And here is one of the pics.
But we don't want to give too much away, because suprises are nice. I'm rambling...apologies but I do have the lergy. Hope all the dads had a good Sunday.


Shannon said...

What?? not even opened yet and you are hot property!! How exciting. Ive go all your stuff ready also, so whenever you want it Ill wander down to you.

Angela said...

Congratulations on the Belle shoot! How exciting. Oooh I'm spying a very cute birdie cookie jar in your photo that I think has my name on it : )

Looking forward to the opening!

joanne said...

how very exciting!! our house is the house of doom with all the flu snot and coughing going on.

Betty Jo said...

ooo you have Mr.Potato head, Oscar orange and Cookie cucumber. I still have mine from many years ago, but they stay up high on a shelf like yours, away from the destructo 4yo.
I'm looking forward to your shop opening its doors!

Arthur's Circus said...

I got my mr potato head and friends off ebay. How lucky and amazing to have your own from childhood. They certainly don't make them as ace as they used to. I love their eyelashes.