Friday, February 27, 2009

hand claps for gemma

First up hand claps and pats on back for Gemma and all her hard work to make the Art Fights Fire fundraiser a big success. All the artwork winners were drawn on Wednesday night at Outre Gallery here in Melbourne. If you bought a ticket and want to see if you won, head over here. Gemma will also be emailing / calling you asap.
The total is yet to be counted but has reached the target of $10,000. So hand claps for everyone who bought a ticket too.
Whilst I printed and framed one of my photos for the fundraiser, I also snuck in one for our shop. (see pic above) It was taken at the Fitzroy pool a few years ago before the pool's refurbishment. I haven't been back since then, so I'm not sure if this beautiful blue bin is still there.
In other news I met Justine at the fundraiser, so now Arthur's Circus is happy to be selling Mixtape zine... I think that's enough words for today, I'm heading over to flickr to upload some photos as well as our online shop to add new stuff.

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62cherry said...

nice to meet you natalie
thanks for stocking our baby!!
i love my dice!! i will take a pic later and post about 'em!!