Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I haven't really wanted to post anything shop related nor much about what's going on at the moment in regards to the bushfires across Victoria. We have friends in the Strathewan / St Andrews / Kinglake area and the devastation is hard to believe and still yet to be fully known. There are many people online that are organising different ways to help other than donating dollars. Have a look at Pip's blog as she has a list with links. Gemma is also organising an art auction and we will be contributing a few items to that. And you can always donate blood. Our weekend had it's own little drama with Arthur having a trip to the Children's hospital on Sunday morning. He had fallen and cut his head and it needed superglueing. Much easier than trying to stitch a wriggling child. People do amazing jobs, such as those in hospitals, the fire brigade / cfa etc, especially in such a challenging environment as this one. Our heartfelt thanks goes to them.

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