Thursday, November 13, 2008

show and tell

We are now back and in the land of the living and our shop hours will be more reliable we promise. To fill you in (and to keep it brief) there was a bit of ill health going on at Arthur's Circus, involving hospital etc. Not fun but all is now well, especially as we snuck off for a wee holiday on the northern nsw coast and got back to Melbourne yesterday. Hence I have posted the above photos of some of my finds whilst on holiday. PS: I have posted a few more photos over at flickr.


Unknown said...

amazing finds!! will they be for sale in the shop? glad to hear all is back to being well.

Unknown said...

hope good health finds it way to Arthurs Circus......and stays there

neryl said...

Hope all is well!

I don't normally partake in this but you have been tagged! If you wanna play along, drop by my blog and check it out....lots of useless information to learn!...x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are all on the mend (Hope things not too serious)and managed to get away for a bit, good for you!

On other news, the game we bought as a wedding gift (antique diving game) was very happily received. Thanks so much for a unique and memorable gift!

Gen (Auction Rooms)