Friday, August 8, 2008

I wonder what happened?

This photo was taken a few years back at bernie's car yard in Flemington. Nick and I used to go there and wander around and dream about cool old vintage cars pre Arthur. In somewhat interesting turn of events, Lombards ( paper / party supplies ) next door went up in smoke, so long car yard and hello urban development. Bernie used to (and maybe still does) hire vintage cars out to tv and movie production. Inside the yard he had a great collection of memorabilia. I printed this photo up for an exhibition a while back, but didn't end up exhibiting it, so it's been living under the stairs. Today I felt like putting it in the shop, because I can. Oh and by the way there still is a bernie's car yard, now in South Melbourne, but it's no where near as ace.


Mc Cranky! said...

I remember that car yard. When ever I was on the tram going into the city I would hope the traffic lights would be red so I could have a good look at what was in the yard.

neryl said...

I bought an ace VE Valiant from Bernie way back then. He was dodgy as all get out, and I ran out of petrol driving it from the caryard home!