Thursday, February 4, 2010

shop half sorted

With Arthur starting school this week, life has begun it's unescapable (is that a word?) routine... To be honest I'm not great with routine so whilst we're getting used to the school thing, tomorrow the shop will be shutting at 3pm. Saturday will be 10am - 4pm.
I am feeling better after spending the day re-arranging and cleaning and looking forward to bringing some new ideas / things into Arthur's Circus. Our sale will start next Thursday and go for the rest of February. Items will be priced at between 10-40% off. Time to make some room for new stock.


Jessi said...

looks amazing!! good job there! :)

Melissa said...

oh god i have found you again- yehar! i'm living in the wilds of northern england- having moved here from sydney and looooved your website- at last whilst cleaning our my studio i found the link!! and great to see you have a blog..something to drink my tea to!
Have just started blog here and wish you could see all the vintage finds i come across in old blighty!
goodluck with arthur at school- i have 3 bambinos all at school as of this year- i know what 3 oclock means!