Monday, January 11, 2010

have map will travel

It's still holiday time at Arthur's Circus, no grand travelling to far away destinations but the good ole taking each day as it comes, days at the beach, hanging out with family and friends. Arthur starts school this year, so we have decided to keep the shop closed until school starts in Feb. Also North Melbourne is always a bit of a ghost town come summertime... but we have plans to change the shop around a bit and have our first big sale when we open again. The online shop is always open and we mail out once a week. It's going to be 41 degrees today so we're off to see the Fantastic Mr Fox at the cinema and eating ice cream. Hope your holidays are fun.


shannon said...

Just took the hoochies to see that this morning and I LOVED IT. So my cup of tea. I am off to make myself a bandit mask out of old netball socks.

Lark said...

Good plan! You need to make the most of your days with Arthur before school starts, for me the school holidays are the best time now and everything else gets put on hold. We also saw Mr Fox today, I totally loved it but am huge Wes Anderson fan anyway - What did you think? STAY COOL! ! XX