Wednesday, August 29, 2007

smallfry ranchoes

I bought these slippers on ebay usa for a stupid amount, they are so cute and of course come no way close to fitting Arthur's giant hoofers... (and I probably wouldn't let him wear them anyway), but there's a photo shoot waiting to happen for a cinderella out there.

We are almost to the fun part of shop decorating....which means unpacking all the things we have collected and found and will be selling or displaying in the shop. I don't know how I will part with alot of things as they are pretty damn fine.
Oh and I am pleased to have met aunty cookie today and we will be selling a few of her tasty items as well as some 'nongs' by hyena-in-petticoats (the blogger formerly know as paper string cloth.)
PS: Can someone please explain how to link things in text, as I can be quite a spaz when it comes to these obvious things.


Kirsty said...

Those slippers are ACE. I've sent an email also.


Arthur's Circus said...

Thanks Kirsty for explaining, it appears I'm not as stupid as I thought...I just don't have a links tool in my toolbar. (go figure). So I have to enter links by hand (or letters).