Saturday, June 7, 2008

winners are grinners....

Okay so the picture doesn't relate to this post, but one must always provide a little eye candy. And these ones I like alot. One of my many collections are old children's game/playing cards. These are actually from Germany. How you play, I don't really know. If only I paid more attention in my year 11 German class. Instead of being told by Frau Feikema...."It would be best if you didn't continue in this class into year 12". Although I do remember the German words for 'you are an apron string sucker'. Which I'm sure won't get me too far. But the illustrations are great.
So without further delay, the winner of our wee giveaway is number 17. Which is perempuan. I was tempted to cheat, but I asked a friend to pick a number whilst she was helping out in the shop today. So please email me your details and it will be on it's merry way. Oh and if you would like a closer view at the above, head to our flickr site.


Michelle said...

oh dear missed out but it doesn't matter,
love your blog just the same.
looking forward to reading lots more posts...

Belinda said...

Hooray to the winner,
you can only be happy with that!
How very generous and kind to share your gorgeous wares.
By paying it forward the world gets a glimpse of arthur's circus,
Well done.

perempuan said...

Wowowow! Thank you. :) It's 1.13 am when I read this. The prize will definitely be treasured. Thank you again.