Tuesday, June 24, 2008

blanket magazine

I finally got around to pinning up and photographing blanket magazine's blanket poster. One of my photos is hiding in the poster along with just a few other talented people's artwork. Blanket is a free online magazine supporting folk who create artwork, design, photography etc. They have recently launched an online shop where you'll find the above poster, alongside a few other bits and pieces. Blanket magazine supports independant and upcoming artists, so we need to support them. Head to their website where you can find out way more than I can be bothered typing. (I have a sick child and there's only so much unsupervised dvd watching that is allowed).


mizu designs said...

I found you via Lara Cameron's blog (the mention in Frankie) and I can't wait to drop by and see your shop in person!!!!

Kara said...

It's fabulous!