Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ssshhh...procrastinator at work

ho de hum.....twiddling of thumbs. So I have a little Arthur free / non shop time up my sleeve and I can't sit still. Earlier this morning I had a quick peek at a few blogs and Miss Angela is the organiser of the 'this is...' which led me to take a peek at Allison's creative space. It looked pretty good and organised. Huzzah (I watch too many cartoons with Arthur), that's what I'll do, tidy and organise my study/office. More twiddling of thumbs, making of coffee, hmmm maybe I'll photograph it first and then get into tidy mode....


Angela said...

Oh so colourful and organised and delicious!!

What a beautiful office space.

Angela xx

Lark said...

It looks great Natalie, I love your collections!