Friday, June 13, 2008

behind the curtain...

This is what the back the shop looks like. It's trying to be organised, but sadly it's not. We found the great cabinet recently (made of Kauri pine) for a bit of a bargain, so Nick is in the process of painting her up. Meanwhile I'm annoying him by using it to place shop-related items on, (to get a feel for the look and style of the space for when we expand) yet he still needs to finish painting it. The point to all of this is that we have registered ourselves to be part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival this year. We're planning an exhibition called 'a game for everyone' and yep you guessed it, it's curated by us and will be all about old games and toys. I'll be writing more once it gets closer to the time. So now we have a cut-off to get the back half done. It will also be the time to celebrate our first year in business. So we've got lots of work to do.
Oh on another note, we've got a 7 piece couch / lounge suite for sale. It's a Tessa T8, if anyone is interested. Lookey here.


Anonymous said...

Wowie! What a great little shop. I love the faded primary colours of all the things that you stock - so pretty!

Too bad you're as far away from me as far can get.

But maybe I'll visit someday anyways - I do have quite a bit of family in Australia. It's just saving up the funds to get there.

Fine Little Day said...

That cabinet looks really nice, this view also.