Tuesday, June 10, 2008

where have we gone?

Okay, this is a little confusing, but our website/email has disappeared. We've turned into some strange uk, dublin hotel site. So please bare with us while we try and get our domain back from those sneaky people. I really don't understand and this is why the internet can be a little scary.

*update isn't as sneaky as I thought. The friend who organised our website is overseas and I haven't been forwarded our account, so basically I haven't paid. Duh!!! Apparently registers utilise a little ad paying revenue whilst domains are in limbo. However speaking to other friends who have a computer business, they said that if our site was stolen, well they know how to steal it back. So I go back to my thought that the internet is a little frightening for common folk such as myself, and there are super talented computer folk who know loads.


Kirsty said...

Yikes...you poor things.

meetmeatmikes said...

Ohmigosh. Was it a dot com? Be sure you register the '.com.au' right now!

WPZ - Sandy said...

I worked for a bit for the nonprofit company that 'oversees' registrars and all that, and I had to field many a phone call from distraught people whose websites had either expired or actually been stolen. Quite many nightmares out there from people losing their domains, so count yourself very lucky that you didn't have some squatter take it for ransom! Even if you have a trusted friend running the site, I would be sure that your contact info is on the whois and that you always have the passwords to the control panel where it is registered.