Thursday, March 13, 2008

a little bed time reading

The last few days has seen me making some more badges and magnets, utilising images from old children's books. Alot of the time they have fabulous images and questionable stories that accompany them (for today). Hence I thought that I would share a few photos taken from the 10 commandments for children. Hopefully you can read the text. Whatever your religious beliefs are I'm not sure that I'm ready to read this one to Arthur at bedtime quite yet
Oh and I'll be adding a couple of new items / photos to our etsy and flickr sites today.

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Ciara Brehony said...

I've been an occasional lurker for a while now, time to say hello I think!
Oh! I just love these! I have a growing collection of vintage children's books and I am always entertained by how un-pc they can be. It's the illustrations that I adore though. The innocence!