Friday, March 21, 2008

cushions for sale

I have been busy sewing a few cushions, which by the time you read this will be up for sale on either our big cartel or etsy shops. I am having a dilema as to where to sell them online. Etsy is great but having a quick browse on there I have a personal opinion that alot of people sell things too cheaply. $20 USD is very cheap for a print of someone's artwork. Even if it is an unlimited edition. I guess if you're selling 100's of them it's not bad, but......likewise cushions. They mostly seem to hover around $25USD. But sorry my cushions won't be that cheap. These babies above are made of vintage flour sacks that are time consuming to source and hard to come by. Which in alot of cases makes them one offs as far as I know. The other is made from vintage children's fabric. I've only made three, one of which I'm keeping. So do I sell on etsy where they can't compete on price or over at bigcartel? Or perhaps I'll try both and let you know how they go. Then I'm like an annoying department store that places escalators in dumb places so that you have to wander around in circles, inadvertly seeing (and buying?) more products than planned. Damn those sneaky store designers.


Jodie said...

ahhh Pricing does my head in ! I have spent weeks looking at etsy to get a "feel" for pricing but then my head exploded so I'll just have to make it up. It will be interesting to hear which outlet you prefer.
oops and the cushions are great ! and worth more than $25!!!

Sherrin said...

I love the flour sack cushion! Pricing is so hard! It always does my head in. What about MadeIt?

Kara said...

I agree that etsy and madeit are too cheap with a lot of designers not yet at retail vs wholesale so they haven't allowed for that eventuality.

I think the price you picked is reasonable. After all, they are one-off.

Shame we didn't get to meet up!


Anonymous said...

True. I definitely do not think you should underprice these.