Thursday, March 27, 2008

headache, pain, fever

I have a headache, Nick is a pain and Arthur has a fever..... I do actually have a headache and Arthur did have a fever earlier today. Anyways, not much to report on from this side of the woods. I've been tidying and re-arranging. North Melbourne is a dirty ole suburb, plain trees out front dropping leaves, furball of a cat mooching around the shop = dusting. Now there is a dirty word.
Other thought for today, why is it when the shop is quiet, people only come in when I have a headache, need a glass of water, need a cup of coffee and am busting for a toilet break? Yes it's true, all of the above at once.
I have put a couple of new things in our bigcartel shop. Thankyou for visiting, you can swing by there any ole time and I promise I won't be whinging.


Hyena In Petticoats said...

That's because the general public have the most uncanny sense of exasperating timing - always turning up when you're indisposed, and never turning up when you need them to come and buy stuff..... sheesh.

Try working in the pub - where you have all of the above, and the customers are drunk. Nice.

Sorry you had a crap day.

Someday soon I might email you to pick your brain about opening a shop. Any advice?

Leah xxx

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

hope you are feeling better today, hope you have plenty of panadol in the cupboard...
It's funny, I can go hours without a single customer then 3 come in at the same time or when i'm eating my lunch. The joys of retail.

Anonymous said...

Dusting sure is a dirty word.
Best avoided, where possible.
Hope your day picks up, g

Anonymous said...

your shop rocks! that's the sort of stuff i love, but unfortunately i am a poor student right now! i know all about the uncanny timing customers have - once when my sister and i worked temporarily in the same shop, we got hyper when it was quiet. the desk was raised and in the centre of the shop and she spontaneously wrestled me until i was pinned to the floor and we were both cackling with laughter. it was only when we stood up, still in convulsions laughing, that we noticed a rather bemused customer waiting patiently.