Thursday, March 20, 2008

easter eating

I don't come from an overly religious family, but growing up we always ate fish on Good Friday. Not a nice piece of salmon, or other white fish, but smoked cod it was. Yep bright orange, smokey piece of overdone fish complete with mashed potato and peas. No wonder the Easter bunny came on Sunday to ply us with easter eggs to make up for that dinner.
I still adhere to a no red meat policy, but tuna patties it will be tomorrow. As alot of Mum's out there would agree, you've got to sneak meat, fish etc into toddler meals....
In shop related news, we will be open this Saturday from 10-4pm, unless it's a ghost town and no-one visits us, then I will shut the shop early and eat the rest of the mini eggs in my pic above. And the vintage rabbit pull toys are up for sale on our bigcartel shop.


Betty Jo said...

I love your Bunnies. I've gone a little Bunny mad this week over at Linoforest
Oh, and I still remember the smell of that Cod, it makes me shudder even now.

Girl Land said...

Our Friday dinners as a kid consisted of McDonald's Filet O' Fish (healthy!) or frozen fish sticks with coleslaw and oven fries. Not sure which is worse. Gack.

Love the pulltoys!

Ciara Brehony said...

Lucky me my kiddies would eat fish every night if they could! I certainly didn't and have unhappy fish memories!

I love these pull-along toys!