Sunday, April 13, 2008

saying goodbye

Oh boy, parting with things can be so hard. We collect, we display, we keep. Sometimes things sneak down to the shop to hang out and show off how cute they are. Sometimes they're for sale and sometimes they're not. I know as a buyer it can be very annoying when you see something you like, only to be told, sorry it's not for sale. It makes me want to punch someone in the nose. Plus we here at Arthur's Circus need to make a living and can't always just show what we have. So yesterday I said goodbye to this little boy from 1956. It was hard but I knew he was going to a good home, making new friends and I managed to take a photo of him before he left. Have fun little fella.

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Behind ouou said...

Yikes!!! For a second there I thought you were closing down shop or the blog! Oh, man, that was rough!

Bye bye little buddy, adorable post as always & as for the Circus: stay put! : ) (thank you)