Saturday, April 19, 2008

playing shop

Sometimes we end up with Arthur in the shop 'helping' out. Usually it's for short bursts at a time. So this morning he helped me make some magnets, thanks to a super vintage party booklet which I have a few copies of. I will show more at a later date as I've got another 6 posts until I reach the 100 mark and am thinking a little give away will be upon us to mark that post.
So other than making magnets we made what Arthur likes to call block building....'stew pasta'. Don't ask me how or why it just is.
Nick has been busy looking after our dog Sophie. She's a kelpie/heeler cross and around 17 years old. Poor soph isn't too well at the moment and is receiving weekly jabs at the vet for arthritus and other old puppy complaints. So we are a little sad here as we're not too sure how she's going to be. I'll get organised and upload pics of Sophie and our other dog Sammie and our shop cat Dezdamona soon, as they all roam in and out of the shop. Sorry no 'from a pet free home' around here.

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