Thursday, April 24, 2008

how ace are these?

Very I say....Super mint condition and very cool graphics. I think I'm going to frame them.... I have a few sets, so they may be for sale in the near future.
I'm currently re-arranging under our stairs and am at a loss with what to do with some things. For example: folders and folders of photography negs/stuff from uni.....a mink stole that was my Nana's. I eat meat, but I can't do fur. That and where do you go out to ever wear a mink stole? Old camera gear from friend's parents that was used in the 60's/70's. Super eight camera, 16mm projectors. The list goes on.... It could soon be time for Arthur's Garage sale, me thinks.
Thankyou to fellow bloggers and friends/family for their kind words over the last few days. We're still getting used to being a one dog household, and my it's so quiet. The two hounds used to annoy me in the middle of the night, coming going.....and now oh how I miss (but also not) the barking and carrying on of old puppy v young puppy.

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