Saturday, May 24, 2008

would any buy ?

Today I grabbed a few new (old) items and photographed them to add to our bigcartel shop, such as these cute egg cups. But I then decided that I quite liked the actual photograph of the egg cups as a diptych. So here's the question, would anyone out there want to buy a photo of eggcups?


Anonymous said...

Yes! Quite possibly I would!! And I know a few people who would too. I rather fancy the egg cups...!

.girl ferment. said...

It is very cute... I think someone with children would buy it.

Michelle said...

hi! stumbled across your blog through auntie cookie
i have to admit i bookmarked you web site last year sometime after seeing it, i think, in real living mag.
i'm so glad you have a blog.great reading.

Fine Little Day said...

They´re lovely!