Friday, May 30, 2008

get ready for post 100

I must admit that shop sitting can be a tad boring at times. I'm quite sure others in retail will agree. At least nowadays we have the internet to kill a few hours. But I also try to be creative or do more useful things while I'm tied to the shop front. Today I managed to make a start on photographing some vintage toys, start an idea for an exhibition and then this afternoon a lovely lady came in with a box full of goodies for us to sell here. Nothing like a good rummage through other people's possessions and to make a purchase or two, to brighten up the day. Then I get to re-arrange and photograph. Such as the dog clip and monkey head. It was getting dark and the exposure's a little off, but you get the drift. If we didn't have the shop, I definitely would like to be a stylist/photographer for other people. Oh this is post 99, so as promised tomorrow or the next day should bring a little joy to at least one of you out there.


Jodie said...

Love the monkey head - is that Nong on the foreground?

Anonymous said...

i just love your blog and shop! i wish i lived in melbourne -- i would be a frequent visitor of your shop, but for now i am happy there is etsy and bigcartlel :)

i love this photo -- great colors :)