Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a sneak peek and 20 cent sunnyboys

A quick reminder that our exhibition opens tonight from 6pm. After a trek halfway across Melbourne and back we have procured some tasty milkbar treats....and all for yesteryear prices of 20 cents. The best and freshest snowballs in town, sunnyboys, mixed lollies and more. So raid your money box and re-live your childhood and enjoy Gemma, Nat, Miikel and Eamo's look at the fading history of the milkbar, laundromat and urban beauty.
Gallery/shop hours for the exhibition are Thursday to Sunday 11am - 5pm. And contact us for an appointment outside those hours.


petapledger said...

The show was great Nat, I enjoyed all of it - the art, and the lollies!!

Anonymous said...

How long is the exhibition on for please?