Friday, September 25, 2009

not quite exhibition pics

I had planned on uploading a few new photos taken around the shop of our exhibition (and re-arrangement), however in my cleaning frenzy I can't seem to find my card reader to upload photos. So instead a pic of a sweet old child's toy and a link to Gemma's flickr where she has some snaps from opening night.
A big thanks to all those who came and ate way too many lollies and those who have visited us in the pouring Melbourne rain. My favourite part of the night was manning the milkbar / lolly counter with Arthur and watch people umming and aaahing trying to decide what to buy with their $1. (Everything was 20 cents).


ecoMILF said...

is that made of fishing bobs? too cute! Meagan.

Unknown said...

saw your new exhibiton in Sunday Age...looks great

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

I'm sorry i missed it, looked like you all had a lot of fun